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In the Moment - Powered by 4 - January 10

  • 2019 Jan 10

Thursday, January 10

In the Moment

Today's reading: John 13:36-37

When Jesus tells the disciples that where He's going they cannot follow him, true to form, Peter immediately responds that he will follow even if it means losing his life for Jesus. Peter has good intentions, and I have no doubt that this is exactly how he felt at that moment. But as Jesus foretells, Peter's actions won't line up with his well-intended words in just a few hours.

All of us are inclined to make "in the moment" promises or commitments. A friend tells us about a difficult situation they're going through, and our response is to say that we'll be praying for them, but then it just doesn't happen; someone we know is going to be moving, and we respond that we'd be happy to help them, but when the day comes, it's inconvenient and somehow we aren't available; we hear about a community project at church, and it sounds exciting and fun so we say we'd love to get involved, but when the preparation or actual event ends up requiring several hours of our time, we opt out because our schedule is too full (you get the picture).

Why are we so prone to offer well-intended, "in the moment" words? When we don't follow through on what we've said, it leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth. So how do we guard against making promises we aren't likely to keep? Or better yet, what can we do to help us put actions with our in the moment, well-intended promises? Tami

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