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Living Holy - Powered by 4 - April 3

  • 2019 Apr 03

Wednesday, April 3

Living Holy

Today's reading: 1 Peter 1:13-25

Peter issues the challenge to conduct ourselves rightly--to "be holy in all your conduct" (vs. 15). But rather than simply stating this charge and moving on, he fleshes it out a bit, providing a number of ways we should be conducting ourselves in order to live out a holy lifestyle.

  • Our minds should be engaged for God and prepared for action. We should be sober-minded. (vs. 13)
  • We should behave differently and not conform to our former ways. (vs. 14)
  • We must have reverence for God. (vs. 17)
  • We remember the price that Jesus paid on the cross, dying for our sins. (vs. 18-19)
  • We live having faith in and hoping for Christ’s return. (vs. 21)
  • We genuinely and sincerely extend love to others. (vs. 22)

What does the charge to "be holy in all your conduct" mean for you personally? Describe what living out this command looks like in your day-to-day life. Tami

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