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Loving Thanks - Powered by 4 - June 2

  • 2019 Jun 02

Sunday, June 2

Loving Thanks

Today's reading: Psalm 18:1-50

David pours out love and gratitude to God throughout Psalm 18, but he doesn't just say, "I love You," and then leave it at that. He goes further, telling God the reasons why he loves Him so much.

David's example got me thinking about my relationship with my husband as well as the ones I have with family and close friends. It feels so good to have someone tell you that they love you. But it means even more and makes the experience so much richer when that person includes why and how they love us. The same is true with God. When we express why and how we love God to Him, the experience is richer--both for God and for us.

Thank you, David, for showing us such a meaningful way to spend time telling God how much we love Him and what He means to us!

Take a few minutes to recall a time when God was your rock and refuge. Write down (like David did here) some of the specifics of that situation and how God provided, answered and sustained you. Then pray and tell God how much you love Him, and thank Him for things you just recalled and wrote out. Tami

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