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No Opportunity - Powered by 4 - September 5

  • 2019 Sep 05

Thursday, September 5

No Opportunity

Today's reading: Ephesians 4:27

Right in the middle of Paul's detailing of what putting on the new self looks like and requires, we see a more general instruction in verse 27 to "give no opportunity to the devil." I like this verse because it lets us know that putting on the new self applies to every single area of our lives, not just the things that Paul chooses to highlight in this passage. But what I especially like is how this short verse functions as a good reminder that the while the devil is actively looking for ways to pull us off course and away from God, we have the power to stand firm and say, "No."

We all have areas of weakness. In what areas do you tend to struggle (spending money, speaking harshly, critical spirit, lust, wanting more things, gossip, prejudice or jealousy, to name a few)? What can you do/change today so that you're not giving any opportunity to the devil to tempt and lead you down the road to sinning in your "struggle" areas? Tami

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