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Rightly - Powered by 4 - August 4

  • 2018 Aug 04

Saturday, August 4


Today's reading: Psalm 112:1-10

Psalm 112 is basically a commending of living rightly for God. So what does living rightly look like according to the psalmist? Here are few of the qualities I noted as I read:

  • Revering the Lord
  • Taking delight in Godís commands
  • Acting with grace and extending mercy
  • Being generous
  • Making honesty a lifestyle
  • Trusting in God and putting confidence in Him

As I looked over my list and read back through this encouraging psalm, verse 5 ("It is well with the man who lives generousl") and verse 9 ("He has distributed freely, he has given to the poor") really resonated with me. An important part of living for God is being generous with both our time and our resources as we help those around us in need.

Is being generous and helping people in need something you're intentional about? What's one example of you living generously for God in the past few weeks? Were there any other elements or qualities of living rightly that stood out to you from this psalm, and why? Tami

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