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Powered by 4 - August 7, 2013

  • 2013 Aug 07

No Doubt

today's reading.
1 Kings 18:41-46  And Elijah said to Ahab, "Go up, eat and drink, for there is a sound of the rushing of rain"...

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So Elijah has defeated he prophets of Baal and now his attention turns to rain. (Remember, in verse 1 of chapter 18 God tells Elijah that He is going to send rain. This is a big deal since there hasn't been any rain for three years.) How Elijah handles himself and the situation impressed me. He was so confident in God. He absolutely trusted that God would keep His word. And even though Elijah's servant didn't report any signs of rain until the seventh time Elijah sent him to look, we never see doubt creeping into Elijah's thinking. 

So Elijah is an excellent example for us, but what I found most beneficial from this passage was what it revealed to me about God. I took a few minutes and made a list and came up with six things. The most prominent thing was that God is 100% trustworthy. But I also saw how God empowers people to do His will and that He is most definitely in control. 

So take a few minutes and read 1 Kings 18:41-46 again. What did you learn about God from this passage? Write down what you saw and then send in a blog comment. I'd love to see what God revealed to you today. Tami

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