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Powered by 4 - December 3, 2014

  • 2014 Dec 03

Slow It Down!

Today's reading: Proverbs 14:1-35

We all experience anger. So it's important to be tuned in to that anger and respond to it appropriately. We see that message in the following two verses of Proverbs 14.

"A man of quick temper acts foolishly..." (vs. 17) and "Whoever is slow to anger has great understanding, but he who has a hasty temper exalts folly" (vs. 29).

A few months ago I was involved in a serious car accident that totaled my car (side note: I'm grateful for airbags because I'm not sure I'd be writing this today without them). Immediately after the collision one of the other drivers, who was instantly furious, began yelling obscenities at me. That morning I had just written a blog on how it is so important for us to respond well to situations we encounter because we are representatives of Christ and people in the world are watching and taking note. (Timely, wouldn't you say?) Well, instead of hastily responding in anger (and, yes, his behavior did make me angry) I quickly prayed and asked God to please help me respond how He would want me to respond. As soon as I did that, the anger went away which allowed me to respond calmly and even kindly. Thank you, God!

What's your experience been with responding hastily and slowly to anger? What helps you keep your anger in check, particularly when something unexpected happens? Tami

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