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Powered by 4 - Jan. 13, 2011

  • 2011 Jan 13

Go Getter!

today's reading.
Genesis 14:1-24 In the days of Amraphel king of Shinar, Arioch king of Ellasar, Chedorlaomer king of Elam, and Tidal king of Goiim...
Genesis 14

Genesis 14think about it.
How does Abram demonstrate care to an estranged relative? What example does Abram give for your view of possessions?

the blog.
Lot gets into some trouble today in Genesis 14. He and all his family and possessions are taken captive and are being taken to another country as prisoners of war. Abram isn't part of this war, but when he gets word of what has happened, he gathers his forces and literally comes to the rescue. Verse 14 tells us that Abram and his men "went in pursuit" and then in verse 16 we see that Abram brings back Lot, his possessions and the women and children. We could all use a relative or friend like Abram.

So how can we make sure we're looking for and helping our family (and friends) when trouble comes their way? What might you do (even today) to be a support to your spouse, children, parents, etc. both before and in the middle of difficult times? Tami W. 

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