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Powered by 4 - June 3, 2010

  • 2010 Jun 03

Thursday, June 3

Lend a Hand

today's reading.
Acts 28:11-16    After three months we set sail in a ship that had wintered in the island, a ship of Alexandria, with the twin gods as a figurehead...
Acts 28:11-16

think about it.
What kind of welcome did Paul receive as he reached Rome? How have you experienced a connection with believers you meet for the first time?

the blog.
Twice in six short verses today we see Christian "brothers" stepping up to help other Christians. And the extra special thing about what we see here in Acts 28:11-16 is, these two groups of Christians aren't helping Paul because they know him. They've never met him before. Yet there they are giving him support and providing for his needs. What an excellent example. These verses got me thinking about my own actions, and I have to tell you, I felt that prick of conviction. Yes, my husband and I do help others, but we could--and should--be doing more.

So how can we be more tuned in and intentional when it comes to meeting the needs of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, both people we know and those that we don't? Who might we help physically (moving, picking up groceries, baby sitting, etc.), or emotionally (praying for someone with a need) or financially if we're able? Tami W.

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