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Powered by 4 - March 19, 2015

  • 2015 Mar 19


Today's reading: Joshua 4:1-24

My husband and I have had the opportunity to travel quite a bit over the past 10-15 years and one of things we always do is purchase something special at each destination. So we have an area in our home that is decorated with all kinds of items from different states and countries reminding us of the experiences we had at each of those places. I often find myself looking at these pieces and recalling all the aspects of those special trips.

I don't really have the same kind of system in place, though, when it comes to my spiritual journey. As I thought about this, I was a little saddened because my relationship and walk with God is so much more important than any earthly travel experiences. And that's exactly what we see in Joshua 4. God tells Joshua to put up a memorial so that the Israelites will remember what He did for them at the Jordan river, and so that the Israelites will pass on the experience of God providing mightily to the generations to come.

Based on this passage, how important is it for us to remember what God has done for us and share it with others? Do you have any spiritual "memorials" (whatever that may be) to help you remember things like God's goodness, faithfulness, your salvation, baptism, baby dedication, etc.? Tami

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