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Powered by 4 - March 27, 2015

  • 2015 Mar 27


Battle of Contrasts

Today's reading: Joshua 8:1-29

Quite a different scenario unfolds from Joshua 7 and the Israelites' first disastrous encounter with Ai, and Joshua 8 where the Israelites thoroughly route and destroy the city. So I went back and read chapters 7 and 8 looking for contrasts. Although the main problem was with Achan's coveting and theft, I also noticed that Joshua and the people seemed to be operating more on their own decisions rather than looking to God for His specific instruction on how He wanted them to proceed (Joshua taking the advice of the spies to only send 3000 men, for example). The second time around the outcome is radically different because God is front and center giving instruction in every aspect of the battle.

So what did you learn about having God at the helm from these two chapters? Any other observations on following God's leading from chapter 8? Tami

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