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Powered by 4 - Oct. 25 2010

  • 2010 Oct 25


Spirit Filled

today's reading.
Judges 15  After some days, at the time of wheat harvest, Samson went to visit his wife with a young goat. And he said, "I will go in to my wife in the chamber." But her father would not allow him to go in...

think about it.
How did the Philistines offend Samson (15:1-3)? What did he do to "judge" them (15:3-8)? What help did he get from the men of Judah (15:9-13)? How did god help Samson in this fight (15:14-20)? What helps you to know when to seek justice and when it becomes revenge?

the blog.
As we read about Samson, we see a number of phrases about how the Spirit of the Lord came upon him (the Spirit of the Lord rushed upon Samson, the Spirit of the Lord began to stir Samson). This got me thinking about the Holy Spirit and how privileged we are to have the Holy Spirit residing and dwelling within us ALL the time--24/7.

What can we do to make sure we're drawing on the power and help the holy spirit provides for us each and every day? Tami W.

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