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Powered by 4 - October 20, 2014

  • 2014 Oct 20

Multiple Reads

Today's reading: Luke 24:1-12

Being raised in the church, the resurrection passages in the Gospels are very familiar to me. That being the case, I have a tendency to breeze through them rather than reading with intentionality and stopping to consider the how, when, why and what's of the words before me. So today I asked God to slow me down and show me what He had for me out of Luke 24:1-12.

I ended up reading the passage six times, and each time I considered a different portion.

First time through--setting
Second time--the women
Third time--the angels and their words to the women
Fourth time--Peter
Fifth time--the disciples' response
Sixth time--I returned to the women but this time considering how they remembered Jesus' words and how they then told the disciples what they had experienced.

Through these six reads, two things stood out to me--Jesus' followers all missed the connection between what Jesus had told them and what took place, and the angel's words about seeking the living among the dead.

So how did God prompt your heart as you took in Luke 24:1-12? Was there one thing that stood out to you from this passage, and why? Tami

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