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Benefits - Powered by 4 - September 16

  • 2018 Sep 16

Sunday, September 16


Today's reading: Psalm 119:41-48 (Waw)

Taking in, understanding and living out God's Word brings with it many benefits. Here are some of the benefits I noticed from Psalm 119:41-48:

  • God communicates His love to us through His Word.
  • Knowing God's Word equips us to answer.
  • God's Word is truth in which we can place our hope.
  • We can live confidently when we are walking with God.
  • We can speak boldly to all about God's Word.
  • God's Word brings us joy.

What does this passage show us about the impact and importance of God’s Word in our lives? Will you join me in asking God to "incline my heart to His Word" and "turn my eyes from looking at worthless things"? Tami

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