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Powered by 4 - September 18, 2015

  • 2015 Sep 18


Leading Strong

Today's reading: 1 Kings 1:28-53

David is a true leader through and through. Although he is physically struggling in his old age, he remains sharp and on top of his game intellectually. So when the situation with Adonijah is brought to his attention, David's leadership skills shine. Not only does David respond immediately, but he also responds with a plan that's impressive and completely thwarts Adonijah's attempt to take over as king.

After my initial read, I went back through this passage again noting David's thinking, words and actions as a leader. When I finished, I had about six things written down. My top two were: David was a man of his word, and that he confidently rose to the occasion.

So what did you see and learn about being a good leader from David's example in 1 Kings 1:28-53? What stood out to you the most about David's leadership in this difficult situation? Tami

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