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Presenting Jesus - Powered by 4 - October 19

  • 2019 Oct 19

Saturday, October 19

Presenting Jesus

Today's reading: Psalm 53:1-6

It's pretty common to hear someone make the comment that people are inherently good (on television, in classrooms, on social media, etc.). That's simply not the case. We are all born with a sinful nature that dominates and rules our hearts and thinking. . . until we come to know God personally by receiving Christ as our Savior. From that point forward, God's Spirit dwells within us, giving us the power to combat and overcome the negative pull of our human nature so that we can sin less as we strive to live rightly for God.

Who do you know that doesn't yet know and have a relationship with Jesus? Will you step out and introduce them to Him this week? Tami

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