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The Final Account - Powered by 4 - April 17

  • 2019 Apr 17

Wednesday, April 17

The Final Account

Today's reading: Matthew 26-28; Mark 14-16; Luke 22-24; John 18-21

Easter weekend is just a few days away, which means it's the perfect time to read through one or more of the accounts of Jesus's final days on earth. Each of these accounts record details of this important time, but because the story is being told through four different sets of eyes, the Gospels don't always focus on the same aspects of what's taking place. That's of great benefit to us, because by reading these unique accounts, we can get the most complete picture of the final hours of Jesus's life and the time He spent on earth after His resurrection.

I invite you to join me in reading one or more of the Gospel accounts of Jesus's final days this weekend. Before you start reading, ask God to reveal something to you that you've not noticed or understood before. Ask Him to impress on your heart how you can use these scripture passages to talk to others about Jesus and salvation. Tami

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