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The Person Philemon - Powered by 4 - September 17

  • 2019 Sep 17

Tuesday, September 17

The Person Philemon

Today's reading: Philemon 4-7

In verses 4-7 of Philemon, Paul gives us a glimpse of the man named Philemon. It is evident from what Paul writes that he holds Philemon in high regard. Paul considers him a special friend. He's thankful for Philemon's love of God and his bold witness for Christ, and Paul's heart is genuinely touched by Philemon's good and helpful conduct toward other believers.

Is it your goal to "refresh the heart" of others, especially the hearts of your brothers and sisters in Christ? What's one example of how you encouraged, supported or demonstrated kindness to someone in the past week? Will you join me in making it a goal to be intentional about refreshing and encouraging the people we each come in contact with this week? Tami

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