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Wise Operator - Powered by 4 - August 15

  • 2019 Aug 15

Thursday, August 15

Wise Operator

Today's reading: Ruth 4:1-12

Boaz remains the front-and-center character as we move into chapter 4 of Ruth. In this chapter we get to see Boaz as a businessman as he works to redeem Naomi's property, which would include marrying Ruth in order to carry on the family line of Elimelech.

Once again, I was impressed with Boaz. The way he chose to approach the situation and how he handled himself throughout the exchange with his senior relative showed much wisdom on his part. We know that the underlying purpose of Boaz seeking out this relative was to clear the way for Boaz to redeem and marry Ruth. But rather than leading off the exchange with this information (that he had feelings for Ruth and desired to marry her), Boaz chose to initiate the transaction by addressing the item he knew his relative would be most interested in—Naomi's land. Then once the issue of the land was out and addressed, Boaz reminded the man that part of the redeeming process included the obligation to take Ruth and have children with her. Through it all, Boaz was calm, composed and not overly wordy. And I particularly liked that instead of trying to convince his relative not to redeem the land, he framed the situation in a way that he knew would not be attractive to this relative—the fact that any children he fathered through Ruth would share this man's inheritance with his other children.

What wise business practices did you see Boaz use as he met with his relative and the men of Bethlehem? What was the most important lesson you noticed or learned from either Boaz or his relative, and why? When you are facing an important decision or transaction, do you ask God to give you wisdom and discernment? Tami

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