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Preaching Daily - May 31

  • 2022 May 31


Today's Word for Pastors...

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
Psalms 19

Today's Preaching Insight...

What's Your BHAG?

Do you have a BHAG for your church or ministry?

In the online Open Forum for Small Business, Matthew May writes: "In the 1940s, Stanford University's goal was to become the 'Harvard of the West.' In 1950, Boeing wanted to become the 'dominant player in commercial aircraft and bring the world into the jet age.' Nike's goal in the 1960s was to 'Crush Adidas.' In 1986, Giro Sport Design wanted to become the 'Nike of the cycling industry.' And Wal-Mart, in 1990, wanted to become a '$125 billion company by the year 2000.'

"These are all examples of what Jim Collins and Jerry Porras called a BHAG--Big Hairy Audacious Goal--in their 1994 book Built to Last. According to Collins and Porras: 'A true BHAG is clear and compelling, serves as a unifying focal point of effort…It has a clear finish line, so the organization can know when it has achieved the goal. It is tangible, energizing, highly focused. People get it right away; it takes little or no explanation.'" (Read the full article here.)

What BHAG might you and your ministry team envision for your church or organization? What would be a worthy Kingdom vision--something that will only be possible with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit?

Too many churches never reach great goals because they never imagine they are possible. For churches with no vision, they aren't.

So what about your church? What's your BHAG?

Today's Extra...

This Week's Laugh


About a year ago my sister, who lives in Virginia, was talking with her four year old son, Brent.

He was asking her why all their relatives from Wisconsin talk funny and sound like their noses are plugged up.

"They think we have an accent," she replied.

"But they have an accent, right?" Brent asked.  "They talk funny."

"Everybody talks in different ways" she tried to explain.

"To them, we sound like we talk very slow and all our words are d-r-a-w-n out."

His eyes got big, and he whispered seriously, "Oh, no.  You mean they hear funny too?"

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