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Preaching Daily - November 26

  • 2021 Nov 26

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Gospel Centered Building Programs
Todd Brown

It’s a Monday morning in mid-April, the church secretary is looking forward to a quiet day in the office to catch up on clerical work on the pastoral staff’s day off. It had been an unseasonably cold winter, followed by two weeks of rain. Gazing out her window, it’s hard to visualize what the new education wing and fellowship hall will look like, when all she sees right now is a muddy mess.

The door opens, in walk Mr. and Mrs. Smith. As one of the church’s largest donors, they pledged generously to the building project believing it would be completed in time for their daughter’s fall wedding. They have come to ask for a guarantee this will happen, or they will pull their financial commitment and use the money to rent another facility. The secretary gives the Smith’s contact information for the Construction Superintendent.

Mr. Smith isn’t on the building committee, but takes it upon himself to pay a personal visit to the Superintendent. He questions the Superintendent’s work ethic and lets him know the project delays just cost the project a significant portion of its funding. Mrs. Smith calls her friends for support, letting them know how “far behind schedule” the project is. One of her friends knows the company installing the drywall on the project. She thinks it’s only fair to let them know they should look for other work, because the church project is “far behind schedule.”

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