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Preaching Daily - October 11

  • 2016 Oct 11

Today's Word for Pastors...

  • I the LORD do not change. So you, O descendants of Jacob, are not destroyed.
    Malachi 3:6

    Today's Preaching Insight...

  • The Fears that Prey upon Your Congregation

    Fears of various sorts crowd in on us modern men and women.

    Some of us fear financial failure, producing ulcers in our intense endeavor to anticipate the ups and downs of the stock market, to analyze the stability of our jobs and to predict the future value pattern of our real estate.  

  • Some of us fear disease, becoming hypochondriacal as a result of the possible sicknesses which could afflict us or members of our family. 

  • Some of us have a fear of other people, fear we might become unpopular, elbowed out to the fringes of the social set in which we run. Every high school student knows these fears. With all the positive contributions of fraternities and sororities, the core of such social clubs is the motivating fear of being on the outside of the "in group." We live in a horror of possible ridicule, the terror of being despised or talked about. What ends to which we will go to avoid being socially ostracized. 

  • Some of us fear the breakdown of moral values that threaten to destroy America from within. Some of us fear the breakdown of moral values that threaten to destroy America from without.

  • International terrorism, right now, holds us in its grip. That's the intention of the terrorist! Osama bin Laden was quoted in the early days after 9/11 as saying this:

  • From the north to the south, from the east to the west, Americans are living in fear, and for this we thank God.

  • We fear war. Right now our world is paralyzed into inaction as we debate the pros and cons of war with Iraq.

  • You name it. We fear it. We fear earthquakes and floods. We fear not getting married and also getting married and not being able to make the marriage work. We fear not having children, and we fear the potential perils of raising children. 

  • (To read the entire article, How to Fear the Right Things by John A. Huffman at, click here

    Today's Extra...

    This Week's Book

  • Kindling Desire for God

  • In Kindling Desire for God (Fortress), Kay L. Northcutt argues that preaching should be an act of spiritual direction, aiming at spiritual formation of the congregation. She writes primarily to "the postmodern mainline church." One point Northcutt makes with which this reader is in full agreement: "the preacher's spiritual life is as foundational to preaching as brilliant scriptural exegesis and breathtaking sermon delivery."
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