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Somebody Loves You - April 4, 2018

  • 2018 Apr 04

WEDNESDAY April 4, 2018

Polluted with Sin

“The people sat down to eat and drink,
and rose up to play.”

1 Corinthians 10:7

Paul spoke to the church in Corinth because it had become polluted with sin. He addressed those who loved the world and were carnal. They were continually making excuses for compromising with the world.

Since we have modern technology, it is important to screen what is in our computers. There has to be a balance. We can either use our computers to glorify God and build up our Christian life, or we can make the excuse that we are trying to keep up with the times. However, there is a danger because before you know it, you will infect your heart and mind.

Today’s Church has become polluted; it is sick with sin. Many of Christians attending church are into pornography. Do they not understand that a little leaven––sin––leavens the whole lump? They cannot be in the world and be in Christ; they have to draw a line––either they are in or they are out––bottom line. Christians are not puppets on a string! We all have a free will.

Christians must also be careful of what they watch on the television. Honestly, I remember back in the fifties and sixties watching black and white television, and it was all family oriented––it was pure. Despite the liberalism that came in the seventies, you would not hear any cussing. Today, on regular television we hear cussing and see nudity. Television programs will show just enough so you can imagine the rest of the story in your mind. They leave you with a cliff-hanger. What will happen next?

When you continue to read biblical stories, you need to relate them to your life. We should have no excuses for sin.  If you are doing wrong; in the end, you will have to answer to God.  I am just the messenger. May the Holy Spirit minister to the Church today!

What you put into your minds, will go into your hearts.
~Raul Ries~

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