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Somebody Loves You - April 5

  • 2016 Apr 05

TUESDAY 5 April, 2016

Strike to Kill

Now Absalom had commanded his servants, saying, “Watch now, when Amnon’s heart is merry with wine, and when I say to you, ‘Strike Amnon!’ then kill him. Do not be afraid. Have I not commanded you? Be courageous and valiant.” So the servants of Absalom did to Amnon as Absalom had commanded. Then all the king’s sons arose, and each one got on his mule and fled. - 2 Samuel 13:28-29

Absalom never forgave and never forgot the rape of his sister. The hatred in his heart gave him a desire to murder. He gave instructions to his loyal men to strike Amnon on his word. Amnon perhaps thought he would be safe among his brothers but he was gravely mistaken. When Amnon had enough wine, when he least expected it, he was struck down; his sin had cost him his life.

Ironically, we see similarities between David’s sin and the sin of Absalom. David had instructed Joab to place Uriah in the heat of the battle. As he withdrew from him the enemy was able to strike him dead (2 Samuel 11:14-17). Absalom, in having Amnon killed, also used his loyal servants to do his bidding. David encouraged Joab, after Uriah was dead saying: ‘Do not let this thing displease you, for the sword devours one as well as another…’ (2 Samuel 11:25). Absalom encouraged his servants too, before they killed Amnon: Do not be afraid. Have I not commanded you? Be courageous and valiant (2 Samuel 13:28). As David willfully planned murder, so did his third and favored son, Absalom.

Notice the terrible effects of reaping and sowing in David’s life.  God’s Word had come to pass: Now therefore, the sword shall never depart from your house… (2 Samuel 12:10). Reading this tragic story should serve as a strong reminder of the adverse effects of sin. We may see our sins consequences played out in the lives of our children. Reflect on these life lessons of David and his sons; it will be a good deterrent not to sin!

The seeds of our punishment are sown at the same time we commit the sin.

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