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Somebody Loves You - January 3

  • 2016 Jan 03


Departure of the Holy Spirit

And David said to him, “Where have you come from?” So he said to him, “I have escaped from the camp of Israel.” Then David said to him, “How did the matter go? Please tell me.” And he answered, “The people have fled from the battle, many of the people are fallen and dead, and Saul and Jonathan his son are dead also.” - 2 Samuel 1:3-4

David knew something was wrong because the man was covered in dust and his clothes were torn. He looked like a man in mourning, so David asked him where he was from. The man had escaped from the camp of Israel. David knew the Philistines had gone to battle with Israel, and he wanted to know the outcome.

The man gave David the terrible news. Israel had lost the battle; the people were dead or scattered and the worst thing had happened; Saul, the king of Israel, and Jonathan, David’s best friend, were both dead. Israel was defeated and no longer had a king. The Lord was no longer with them. He had allowed them to be defeated.

David lost his best friend, whom he loved, and he had also lost his king, Saul, a man he also loved. Even while Saul pursued him, David never hated Saul. He loved him. This news was heart breaking for David, but the absence of God’s presence was the worst possible thing to happen to Israel and the people.

Can you imagine God departing from your life? Can you imagine the Holy Spirit departing from your life? That is what happens when people continuously refuse the Holy Spirit.

Without the Spirit of God we can do nothing
but add sin to sin.
~john Wesley~

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