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Somebody Loves You - January 24

  • 2016 Jan 24


SUNDAY 24 January, 2016 

Invest in the Best

When Joab saw that the battle line was against him before and behind, he chose some of Israel’s best and put them in battle array against the Syrians. And the rest of the people he put under the command of Abishai his brother, that he might set them in battle array against the people of Ammon. - 2 Samuel 10:9-10

The Syrians were well trained in war and now they surrounded Israel. As a leader, Joab was an amazing strategist; he looked out at the battle field and divided his forces. Joab chose Israel’s best men to fight against them at the forefront of the battle line. Then his brother Abishai; would attack the people of Ammon. Together they were armed and ready to meet their enemies on two fronts.

In any battle you want to choose the best; those who will go forward without being afraid. Watch for those who are faithful; accepting what God has called them to do. You will see them on their faces praying while they fight their own personal battles. Every one of us needs to look for people we can train and trustingly pour our lives into them to make them the best. Invest in those who have the same passion and vison as you, so the work of the Lord will always continue.

Jesus said: Go therefore and make disciples ... so whether we are in a ministry, at work or at home with children; we all should be investing in someone’s life.  Look around, who do you see that you can invest your time and pour your life in to?

“Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less. How do you gain influence from people? You invest in them. How do you invest in them? It starts with giving them time.” 
~John Maxwell~

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