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Somebody Loves You - January 29

  • 2016 Jan 29

FRIDAY 29 January, 2016

Let us Make Peace

 And when all the kings who were servants to Hadadezer saw that they were defeated by Israel, they made peace with Israel and served them. So the Syrians were afraid to help the people of Ammon anymore. - 2 Samuel 10:19

After another victorious defeat by Israel, David’s enemies realized the best thing to do was to make peace with him. They finally gained wisdom because it was better to serve Israel than to fight with them. Israel had not only won in war, but created a fear in the hearts of the Syrians that caused them to no longer offer their help.

This reminds me of all the families who fight and argue with each other. If someone holds a grudge or if there is a lack of forgiveness then they stop speaking for years. It is really sad because the bible clearly teaches us to forgive and to forget (Ephesians 4:32).

Hopefully we have come to the same conclusion, it is better to make peace with each other and serve one another than to fight against each other. As Christians, the bible teaches us to be peacemakers; even with the most difficult of people we must try to bring about peace (Romans 12:18). If we make peace and not division, the Lord will bless us; He will identify us as one of His children (Matthew 5:9).

Through your words and actions, do you make peace or war with others? Depending on your answer, what can you change so that you can work towards making peace?

I call upon Christians to pray and work for peace in whatever constructive ways open to them. 
~ Billy Graham~

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