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Somebody Loves You - June 23, 2018

  • 2018 Jun 23

SATURDAY June 23, 2018

Edification and Exhortation

Pursue love, and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy. For he who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God, for no one understands him; however, in the spirit he speaks mysteries.  But he who prophesies speaks edification and exhortation
and comfort to men.

1 Corinthians 14:1-3

Paul uncovered many spiritual truths and brought order to the Corinthian Church.  He spoke to them primarily about gifts that had to do with communication.  As God baptizes us with His Spirit, it becomes simple to speak in tongues, but some people do struggle with unbelief.

Does everybody speak in tongues? No. Paul tells us in Romans 8:26 that if you do not speak in tongues, you can groan––privately. It is not used in public, but in secret. God sees your heart. If you do not speak in tongues, in prayer, you can groan. When you groan, you may not understand what you are saying, but God understands, especially if you have a real need. He listens and has compassion.

Many Pentecostal and Charismatic churches place the emphasis on speaking in tongues, whereas the Calvary Chapel churches have a good doctrinal balance. Paul emphasized prophecy. The word especially means “rather,” because a person should rather use prophecies, as it is a superior gift in the Church.

God’s Word is very clear concerning the gift of tongues, because when a person is speaking in tongues, they are speaking mysteriously in the Spirit. Nobody understands them.  What is spoken is between that person and God, whereas the purpose of prophesying is for edification. It builds up, exhorts, and brings comfort to the Church.

When we preach or teach the Scriptures, we open the door for the Holy Spirit to do His work. God has not promised to bless oratory or clever preaching. He has promised to bless His Word.
~Billy Graham~

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