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Somebody Loves You - June 8

  • 2016 Jun 08

WEDNESDAY 8 June, 2016

Provision for a Purpose

When David was a little past the top of the mountain, there was Ziba the servant of Mephibosheth, who met him with a couple of saddled donkeys, and on them two hundred loaves of bread, one hundred clusters of raisins, one hundred summer fruits, and a skin of wine. - 2 Samuel 16:1

David continued his mournful journey, with his company, as he escaped from Absalom. Yet, another unexpected person appeared. David was met by Ziba, the servant from the house of Saul, to whom David had shown immeasurable kindness. Ziba stood before him with his donkeys laden with fresh bread, raisins, fruits and wine, likely harvested from the very fields David allowed Mephiboseth and Ziba to tend (2 Samuel 9).

When the king fled, there would not have been time to gather enough supplies from the city. A journey to the wilderness meant provisions would have been scarce. Ziba looked very innocent as if he really cared for them; he knew the king and his company were tired. As they were on their way to a desert area they would need something to eat and drink. But he had his own agenda; he acted nice but really he was against David.At this particular moment David could not see his heart, if he could he would see that he was not sincere.

We need to be careful with people who come to us as if they really care about us. In many cases they do not. The truth of the matter is they are secretly ambitious; their only interest is looking for a position or advantage through your adversity.  

You have to ask yourself, when you meet with people, are they really for me or against me? Are they just playing the part? What do they expect in return for their kindness?

Ambition is greed for power.
~C. C. Colton~

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