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Somebody Loves You - November 19, 2017

  • 2017 Nov 19

SUNDAY November 19, 2017

Shocking Immorality!

…and such sexual immorality as is not even namedamong the Gentiles—that a man has his father’s wife! - >1 Corinthians 5:1

Notice how Paul made the distinction between the Gentiles and the Christians in his letter. He was shocked that nothing had been done about the ongoing immorality in the church. It was so bad that the unthinkable had happened; a man was having a sexual relationship with his step- mother! Think about that. It was shocking! In the world, it is to be expected; but the Corinthian church had accepted the same worldly attitude; they thought nothing of it, and they just let it go.

In the book of Proverbs, Chapters 5-7, 9, the Scripture speak about the whorish woman. She did not know God, and her life was empty. Whether married or single, she went about to fulfill her own agenda––to seduce men. She knew exactly how to draw away young, naive men to herself, or she looked for a husband who had problems at home with his wife. The whorish woman knew exactly what to say to entice them.

Men are very vulnerable and become easy prey. They fall into sin with women because they yield to the lust of their flesh. In fact, women do not have to be beautiful for them to fall into sin. Men are even willing to sell themselves out of their spiritual inheritance for lust. The Scriptures tell us: …by means of a harlot a man is reduced to a crust of bread; and an adulteress will prey upon his precious life (Proverbs 6:26). 

It grieves and breaks my heart that so many men have fallen into sin with immoral women, and they keep on falling! This continues to be a real problem both inside and outside the church. Seriously, the best way not to fall prey to a seductive woman is to be in the Word of God––period.

Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You.
~Psalm 119:11~

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