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Somebody Loves You - November 30

  • 2015 Nov 30


MONDAY 30 November, 2015

Reverence for God

And so it was, when those bearing the ark of the Lord had gone six paces, that he sacrificed oxen and fatted sheep. - 2 Samuel 6:13

Finally, David recognized the error he made when he tried to move the Ark of the Covenant with the oxen and cart the first time. This time, men from the family of Kohath were carrying the Ark on two poles, on top of their shoulders. After they walked six paces, David sacrificed oxen and fatted sheep to the Lord. He not only moved the Ark the way God commanded Israel, but he honored the Lord with sacrifices.

From the beginning, David knew it was important to have the Ark of the Covenant in Jerusalem, because it would unite the people in worship. While it seemed like he understood its importance, he forgot reverence. He forgot to treat the Ark of the Covenant the way God had commanded—as a holy object. The Ark was not God, but it stood as evidence of the presence of the Lord.

In many ways, we are like David. We recognize the importance of spending time with God and inviting His presence into our lives, but we sometimes fail to take the time to reverence Him—we fail to truly worship Him, for He is holy.

We serve a holy God, who is able to save our souls. When we get up in the morning, before we take those long leaps into our everyday lives, we need to take those short steps and get on our faces before God to worship Him; otherwise we will not be led by the Lord. Take time every day to reverence the Lord.

The spirit which loses reverence for God
turns naturally to sinning.
~John Hercus~

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