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Somebody Loves You - September 20, 2018

  • 2018 Sep 20

THURSDAY September 20, 2018

Crying Out to God in Prayer

In my distress I called upon the Lord,
and cried out to my God; He heard my voice from His temple,
and my cry came before Him, even to His ears.

Psalm 18:6

After reviewing 1 Samuel 1, I have realized the importance of prayer in the life of a leader. Looking at the character of Hannah, you can see she was a woman who was dedicated to the Lord––a woman of prayer. Hannah sought the Lord and poured out her heart to Him in her difficult situations and problems. She did not go to the priest or even to her husband––she went to the Lord. The Lord heard the bitterness of her soul and answered her prayer. He brought joy and comfort to her heart.

In ministry, I have seen how my wife, through much prayer, has chosen certain women to be a part of the women’s ministry. These women are in one mind with her; there is complete unity. God lifted them up to come and serve with her. In the same way, through prayer, the Lord has also given to me faithful men, those who work together with me as a team. They are in one mind with me; there are no divisions.

In the women’s ministry, the women have shown themselves to be submissive to the leadership of this church, and that is why they are here. They have proved themselves by sitting and listening to the teachings in the women’s ministry. This is an important part of the qualifications of ministry. I thank God for the women’s ministry and for their concern and ministry to other women––I love that.

However, when other people see that the Lord has raised up a new person in the ministry, and God begins to use their life, other people can get jealously, strive or talk about them. Those people get disqualified from ministry. Remember it is the Lord who puts up one and takes down another. You cannot get anywhere if you are not submissive or are divisive.

Those blessings are sweetest that are won with prayers
and worn with thanks.

~Thomas Goodwin~

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