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Somebody Loves You - April 25

  • 2016 Apr 25


Great Sacrifice

“How the mighty have fallen, and the weapons of war perished!” - 2 Samuel 1:27

Look at how David ended his song, praising Saul and his sons as mighty men and weapons of war. He did not rejoice over their deaths; he mourned. He celebrated the lives of these men and what they had been for the nation of Israel.

God showed me two very important things in David’s song. First, David held no grudges against Saul! He did not allow any bitterness to enter into his heart. Second, he set the example for everybody to follow by paying tribute to those who did not love him. He paid tribute to them for the sacrifice they made to protect the people of Israel. They were not perfect men, but they gave their lives in defense of their nation.

This is a very important message for people today. We need to give tribute to those who have died in battles even today. We cannot forget the sacrifices they have made for each one of us and our families. We may not know them, but they sacrificed their lives and their families for us.

In Vietnam, we lost 58,000 men and they received no tribute. When we returned from war, we were spit on and called horrible names. Even though Saul was against him, David did not do this. He understood the sacrifices warriors make and he honored them.

No matter what you hear on the news, whether they cover the wars or not, honor the men and women who have fought for this country. They have sacrificed so much, and have earned our honor and respect.

The only life that counts is the life that costs.
~Frederick P. Wood~

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