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The Four Spiritual Secrets - December 10

  • 2019 Dec 10

MBC Daily Devotional

A Highway for God

“Make a straight highway through the wasteland for our God!” - (Isaiah 40:3)

In ancient times if a king wanted to travel to a faraway province in his kingdom they would build a highway for him. While they were working on that project they called it “The Kings highway.” Isaiah is using that metaphor to say that God is going to travel into this world on a highway and that Highway will be the life of the Messiah.

When you build a highway you do four things: you level mountains, you fill valleys, you straighten crooked places, and you smooth out rough places. In the life of His Son the Messiah the mountains of pride will be completely leveled, the empty valleys will be perfectly filled with the Holy Spirit all the time, the crooked ways of sin will be perfectly straightened, and He will respond to the rough places in a way that will bring glory to His Father and salvation to the world.

After spending three years 24/7with a dozen men, Jesus challenged them that in precisely the way His Father had sent Him into the world, He was sending them into the world in the same way (John 20: 21). One of many practical applications to that challenge for them, and for us, is that our life is also to be a highway for God.

I challenge you, in fact I dare you to pray this prayer: God, make my life I highway for You!” If you do this, don’t be surprised when His spiritual bulldozers show up in your life leveling your mountains of pride and filling your emptiness with His Spirit, making straight your crooked places and smoothing out your rough places.

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