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The Four Spiritual Secrets - July 30

  • 2020 Jul 30

MBC Daily Devotional 

Gates of Learning

 “Now we have received… the Spirit who is from God, that we might know…” (1 Corinthians 2:12)

The inspired writing of the Apostle Paul has given us a masterpiece of what we might consider spiritual educational psychology. How do we learn? According to Paul there are several gates of learning through which we must pass if we want to know spiritual truth.

His thesis is that we learn through the eye gate, which involves everything we observe and read. We learn through the ear gate, which involves everything we hear, including lectures and interaction with others, mentors and those who are learning with us.

Then the apostle mentions the heart gate, which has to do with volition or the desire and the willingness to apply what we’re learning. Apprenticeship, which is a synonym for discipleship describes a learner who is doing what they’re learning and learning what they’re doing. This is the way Jesus trained His disciples (John 7:17Matthew 4:19).

The most important gate we must pass through to learn spiritual truth according to Paul is the gate of the Holy Spirit. His intriguing and profound illustration is that no person knows the thoughts of another person except the spirit that is in that other person. In the same way, no one knows the thoughts of God but the Spirit of God. He is excited about the glorious reality that we have received that Spirit Who knows the very thoughts of God and we can therefore know the very thoughts of God. One translation concludes this inspired Second Chapter of 1 Corinthians with “Incredible as it may seem, we actually have the very mind of Christ!”

Prayerfully meditate on this chapter and then find your way through these gates of learning.

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