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The Four Spiritual Secrets - November 12

  • 2019 Nov 12

MBC Daily Devotional

A Prescription for Guidance

 “Only let us live up to the truth we now have.” - (Philippians 3:16)

Paul had an experience on the road to Damascus. He often shared the details of that experience as in the third chapter of his letter to the Church at Philippi. It was as if his accounting books were turned upside down – what had been in the gain column was now in the loss column and vice versa.

After his books had been turned upside down, or we might say right side up, his ambitions totally changed in the gain column. He wanted to tackle the purposes for which the risen Christ had tackled him. Now he only wanted to know Christ and the high calling of God to which Christ was leading him.

He claims that he has not attained these things in his new gain column, but he has learned a principle about knowing the will of God: if we want to know the will of God we must live up to the light or the truth God has given us at any given time on our faith journey.

We can take away from this a prescription for guidance. If we want to see further ahead into the will of God for us, then we should move ahead into the will of God just as far as we can see. Like driving across country at night we can move ahead into the 100 yards of light our headlights give us – and that can lead us clear across our country. When we live up to the light we have, God gives us more light.

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