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Then & Now - Week of March 8

  • 2021 Mar 08

Why You Are Here?

Acts 1:8

Have you ever stopped and thought to yourself, Why did Jesus die on the cross, rescue us from sin, purchase our salvation, and then leave us here on the earth? 

Honestly why? Why not just wisk us off to Heaven where it would be safe from this increasingly troubled world? Well, I'm sure Jesus own disciples wondered this. 

After Jesus rose from the dead, he spent forty days with his close followers. Then one day, they went to the Mount of Olives and one of them asked, "Jesus, when are you going to set up your Kingdom?" In other words, they wanted to know when Jesus would change the world and set up the Kingdom. They wanted him to end all the trouble and violence and poverty of this world. 

Do you ever wonder that yourself? I do. If Jesus is the Resurected Lord, why not just snap his fingers and "boom", he's the King and we're in the Kingdom. 

The answer, Jesus said, is that he left us here with a job. It's an important commission given to every single follower. The commission is to take the good news of the gospel to the ends of the earth. 

To the disciples he gave them a worldview that sees beyond their troubles. He wanted them to establish the church in their local area, their region, and around the world. It's the same worldview he has for every single Christian today. 

If you know the Lord, God has given you a job to do. That job is to be His witness and to love the world in such a way that you see beyond color and skin and nationality. You see people the way God sees people. They are lost an in need of the Savior. 

American Christians have a tendency to live with blinders. We only see America and our needs and our own personal desires. We think we're the most important people in the world. But God wants us to have a heart for the nations. To love the nations and their peoples and pray and act for their salvation. 

Perhaps you're a young teenager working your way through school. Have you considered that you are a witness in your school? Have you considered that God placed you there to be a light to a dark world? 

And have you considered that maybe God's call upon your life might introducing souls to the lifesaving message of the gospel, either here or overseas as a missionary? 

God didn't leave us here to leave us alone. He left us here to fulfill His commission.

Daniel Darling is an author, pastor, and public speaker. His latest book is Crash Course, Forming a Faith Foundation for Life. Visit him on Facebook by clicking here, follow on him on Twitter at, or check out his website:

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