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Then & Now - Week of June 1

  • 2009 Jun 01

Redeem Your College Years 

Walking down the aisle was the greatest day of Derrick’s life. Finally done with high-school. Done with teachers. Done with Mom and Dad telling him what to do.

Derrick thinks he’s done with learning. He just wants to chill out and live his own life now. Except Derrick is really not done with learning. High-school was easy. Now the real school begins. The school of life.

If Derrick is smart, he’ll not think of college as an excuse to do all the things his uptight Christian parents wouldn’t let him do. He’ll redeem his years in college, using this time and an opportunity to lay the foundation for a live well lived.

So no fun in college? No. But if “fun” is the only goal, Derrick will have a disappointing, maybe even miserable life. God created Derrick—and every young person—with a special calling. Each has gifts, unique life experiences, trials, and personality to fulfill a God-given mission.

It seems more adventurous to rebel against all you know. But that’s really not fun. And it’s not really anything new or different.

If Derrick really wants to be radical, he’d follow God. He’d build disciplines like prayer, Bible reading, service to others, respect of authority, and passionate ministry into his life. He’d follow the lead of Daniel and Joseph and David and Josiah.

They abandoned the norm. They refused to let others tell them how to live their lives. They didn’t give in to the pressure to abandon God.

Instead, they threw their lives at a bold and risky pursuit. A pursuit of God Himself. And guess what?

Nobody talks about those other guys. They talk about Daniel and Joseph and David and Josiah. Why? Because they dared to be different. They didn’t waste their youth in pursuits that had little eternal value.

These young men signed up for the boldest adventure on earth. Following God.

Ask Yourself:

In what ways am I going to redeem my college years? 

  • Will I befriend someone less fortunate?  
  • Will I share my faith and face a little mockery?  
  • Will I go on an overseas mission trip?  
  • Will I study while others blow off school?

Daniel Darling is an author and pastor with a passion for young people. He is the author of Teen People of the Bible, a 100-day devotional for teens. Visit him on Facebook by clicking here, or at

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