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Then & Now - Week of June 17

  • 2013 Jun 17


In Praise of Dad
Proverbs 10

So Father's Day passed—did you do anything for Dad? I hope you did, because you may not realize the full impact of your father's influence.

I once heard radio pastor, Erwin Lutzer say that you're relationship with your father is your most important relationship on earth, because it is your first glimpse of your Heavenly Father.

I believe that to be true.

If you had a good Dad, you should pull out all the stops to make Father's Day good. Don't just get him a cheap tie. Really honor him with words of affirmation. Many times Fathers, after their kids are older, begin to doubt their fathering. They wonder if they made too many mistakes. If they were there when they needed to be.

This is where you must tell your Dad how much you appreciate him. And when I say "good Dad", I don't mean a perfect father. I'm sure right now you could list all the flaws of your father. The truth is that he could probably name more faults than you find. He knows he's not perfect. But you're job isn't to tell him that he's not perfect. It's to love him and honor him.

If you're Dad provided financially for you, he's a good dad. If he took you to church, he's a good dad. If he was faithful to your mom, he's a good dad.

And if he wasn't any of those things and if he caused pain in your life and he wasn't a "good dad," guess what? Still honor him. Still love him. Still make this time of the year special for him.

The Scriptures call us to honor our fathers. I happened to have had not just a good dad, but a great one. Not just a mediocre dad, but a world-class man of God.

But if you were not as fortunate as I was, then trust that God put you with the dad you have for a purpose, so that God's glory could shine through you're tough times.

And do your dad a favor. Honor him with your life. If you didn't have a good father, be a good father when you have children. If you did have a good father, make him proud by the way you follow your Heavenly Father.

Above all, Honor Dad. Not only because it's a nice thing to do.

Do it, because God asks you to do it. And He is one Father who always knows best.  

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