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Then & Now - Week of March 16

  • 2009 Mar 16

Girls, We Need Your Help
2 Samuel 11

Okay girls, I’m going to ask you a little favor. Actually, it’s a big one. I hope you’re up to the challenge.

You see, summer is around the corner. The weather is a lot warmer—at least here in Chicago, where we suffer through Antarctic Temperatures for most of the year.

When the weather gets warmer, people start wearing less and less clothes. No more heavy jackets or sweaters. No more gloves and hats.

But with less clothing comes the pinnacle of temptation for us guys. And this is where you girls can help us out. When you dress in a modest way, it helps young guys who already struggle with the temptation to lust.

Lust is a powerful presence in a young guys life. I’m not sure you girls totally understand it. Guys are wired so much differently than girls. That wiring causing them to look for girls who are dressed in a way that is suggestive or revealing.

Now, there are some guys who will find opportunities to lust no matter what happens. They don’t really want to fight and win this battle for the Lord.

But for those who do, you can play a huge part in their spiritual victory.

The Bible talks about how a woman should dress. There is a big word for it. Its called, “modesty.”

What does modesty mean? It doesn’t mean you have to dress like Little House on the Prairie. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look stylish or even trendy. It doesn’t even mean you have to dress like your mom. (No, offense, Mom, but styles change and that’s okay, really.)

All it means is that you dress in a way that enhances your natural, God-given beauty, but you don’t intentionally try to attract guys in a sexual way. It means covering up what God intended to cover up.

Okay, I’m already blushing here, so I won’t keep going. You know good people in your life—a youth pastor’s wife, a pastor’s wife, your mom, an older sister—who can help you. Seek their advice.

Most of you know the story of David and Bathsheba don’t you? It’s been the story of movies and plays and Sunday School down thru the centuries. Most of the blame has always been put on David. He was the leader. He was the king. He should not have succumbed to temptation.

But I suspect Bathsheba could played a small part, too. Why was she bathing near the window of the King? Especially a king who struggled with sexual temptation? Could she have helped protect his purity by employing a little bit more modesty? Maybe.

Think about it girls. If you want to help the guys in your life, do them a favor and dress modestly. They’ll thank you later.

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Daniel Darling is an author and pastor with a passion for young people. He is the author of Teen People of the Bible, a 100-day devotional for teens. Visit him on Facebook by clicking here, or at

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