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Then & Now - Week of May 4

  • 2009 May 04

Honor Mom If You Value Your Life 
Ephesians 6:1-3

A few months ago I listened as a lady broke down in tears. She has two grown children who live near here, who have children of their own. They hardly ever stop to visit her and don’t treat her very well.

Now, I don’t know the particulars of their family situation. I don’t know about the bad blood, I don’t know what happened in that house. But I do know this. Those kids are making a huge mistake by not honoring their Mom.

I know I’m talking to teens who probably think their Mom is either the biggest out-of-touch person in the world or else an angry scold or some combination of the two.

I remember being a teenager. I remember the tension that exists between generations. But I want to say this very strongly. You have only one mother. And God places a high premium on your relationship with her.

In fact, we’re told in Ephesians that one of the seeds you can plant in a long and healthy life is respect for your parents. Why is that?

Because God places a high calling on mothers. Your mother brought you into this world. I didn’t realize what a sacrifice that was until I had children of my own. Watching my wife give birth gave me a whole new respect for my own mother.

Your mother carried you nine months and gave you life. So if you want to have a right relationship with God, you’ll have a right relationship with your mother.

What exactly does honor look like? Well in every family it looks a little different. When you are under their roof, I believe you have a responsibility to obey and respect your parents. When you are an adult on your own (making your own money, paying your own electric bills), you’re duty shifts. You aren’t required to obey them and do everything they ask, but you are still required to show them respect and deference and love, regardless of their flaws.

There is also something else to think about. Jesus said in Matthew, “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” I didn’t realize the full impact of this until I grew older. But what Jesus is saying is this. The criticism you levy on others will come back to bite you. So complain all you want about your parents and how they raised you, but one day that will come back on your head as a parent. So tread carefully.

As Mother’s Day approaches, do something special for your mom. Go out of your way to make that day special. Mothers sacrifice a lot to raise their children. So do as God commands, and honor Mom. 

Daniel Darling is an author and pastor with a passion for young people. He is the author of Teen People of the Bible, a 100-day devotional for teens. Visit him on Facebook by clicking here, or at

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