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Then & Now - Week of October 8

  • 2012 Oct 08

Nobody Cares What Your Dad Thinks
2 Timothy 1:5

"Nobody cares what your dad thinks."

I'll never forget hearing those words. They came from a young skeptic having much fun with us know-it-all Bible college freshman. We'd been cloistered in the Christian world so long; we rarely encountered anyone who didn't believe the way we did.

And so when our faith was held up to the spotlight, our arguments fell flat. Eventually this guy read C.S. Lewis and other apologists and became a solid, Bible believing Christian. No thanks to us, though.

But I'm grateful for my experience with him. It sharpened me and forced me to really wrestle with the beliefs handed down to me from my parents. I was grateful to have grown up in a house where we had lively discussions about real issues. I was allowed to have doubts, to question, to pursue the truth on my own.

I write all of this to ask you, young Christian is that faith you're carrying, is it your own? Do you believe what you believe because you know it to be true? Or do you just go along, nod your head and never investigate the claims of Jesus on your own?

Here's a piece of advice. Take ownership of your faith. Don't live out a hand-me-down, borrowed faith. Know what you believe. Know why you believe it. Investigate. Doubt. Question. Wrestle. Read. Learn.

I think of Timothy. Paul said that he had a "sincere" faith. Some versions call it an old-fashioned word, "unfeigned." That means not fake.

Timothy had a believing mom and grandmamma who faithfully taught him the Scriptures. What a gift that was! But what was in Timothy was Timothy's faith. It wasn't Mom's faith.

Because the people at Ephesus who looked up to him as their pastor—didn't care much about Timothy's mom's faith.

Just like the people God has called you to serve don't care much about what your Dad thinks.

They want to know, what do you believe? 

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