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Then & Now - Week of October 13

  • 2008 Oct 13

“God Wants Your Lunch”
John 6:1-14

Imagine you’re in a gymnasium full of people. They’ve walked for miles to attend a rally. They are starving, but there is no food and no water available.

Yikes, not a pretty situation.

This is where Jesus and his disciples found themselves. The countryside was filled with thousands of people. The Bible says 5,000 men, so we know there were probably 20,000 or more people in attendance. Imagine one of our football stadiums jammed with a bunch of hungry fans.

It was in this situation that a young person, a teenager, demonstrated great faith. The Bible doesn’t mention his name, so we’ll call him “Lunch Boy.”

Apparently, he was the only one who was smart enough to bring lunch. And he was crazy enough to bring it to Jesus. I imagine the snickers that rumbled thru the crowd as he presented his loves and fishes to Jesus. The disciples were probably thinking, This kid is in idiot. This fish sandwich wouldn’t even feed me, much less 20,000 people.

But Lunch Boy understood something powerful. Something nobody else understood.

Give what little you’ve got to Jesus and he’ll do something miraculous.

This brave teenager had the audacity to believe that Jesus really was the Son of God. He really was the Creator of the World. He really was Who He said He was. So turning a Happy Meal into the Golden Corral was really no sweat.

What about you? You might think, I could do something great for God if only I had a great singing voice or great athletic ability. But God wants to use you now, where you are, with what little you have. Sure, God uses famous athletes and recording artists and novelists. He uses politicians and pastors and scientists. But mainly he uses ordinary people who dream big for God.

God wants your lunch. Lunch Boy had a radical faith. He dared to believe that by giving everything he had—his worthless sack of food—he was allowing God to do great things.

God wants to use your life in a dramatic way. He really does. But you have to give Him everything.

You’re time. You’re talents. You’re heart.


  • What do I have that I can give to God?
  • Do I have the faith of Lunch Boy or the doubt of the disciples?
  • How can God use my minimal talent for his glory? 

Daniel Darling is an author and pastor with a passion for young people. He is the author of Teen People of the Bible, a 100-day devotional for teens. Visit him at

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