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Then & Now - Week of November 16

  • 2020 Nov 16

What is Your Life?
James 4:14

What is your life? This is the penetrating question asked by the book of James. It’s the question posed to all who claim to follow Jesus. It’s a question few of us take the time to ponder.

The reason James asks this question is because live is short. The Bible compares each life to a vapor. It is here today and gone tomorrow. On the surface, this sounds hopeless. Life is short, so why does it even matter how I live?

But it is the very brevity of life that should compel us to live with greater purpose and not less. The gospel gives us renewed purpose, restoring us to our original, God-given mission on this earth: to glorify God.

There is something else about vapor, beyond it’s brevity. Vapor can be very productive. Consider that steam can be used to power engines, moving large vehicles across the land and sea. It can be used to heat homes and buildings. It is a healing agent for respiratory infections. It can be a soothing element for bodily aches and pains.

Vapor, like life, may be short, but it can have great impact. This is why we consider the question, What is our life? In view of eternity, your life may seem short, but it doesn’t have to be inconsequential. Like steam, it can be harnessed by the transformative power of the Holy Spirit to make a deep impact that lasts into eternity.

When you’re young, life seems like it will stretch out forever. It seems that days and months can be wasted because there are plenty more. But none of his know when the vapor of life will pass and we will be in eternity. And so the question from James hangs, “What is your life?”

What will be the distinguishing mark of your time on earth? Followers of Christ answer this question by beginning their ambitions and dreams with another question, “What does the Lord want from me?” The call of every Christian is to die to ourselves and live for Jesus. He implants in us new desires, new dreams, new opportunities to glorify God.

When we surrender to His Will, a short vapor of a life can have a lasting, eternal impact. 

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