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Transformation Garden - Jan. 7, 2012

  • 2012 Jan 07


Today’s Text of Encouragement:

“As for me, I will call upon God; and the Lord shall save me.”
Psalm 55: 16
King James Version

Today’s Text for Study:

“The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and contrite heart, O God, Thou wilt not despise.”
Psalm 51: 17


“Why God Loved David” – Part XXV

“God can do wonders with a broken heart; if we give Him all of the pieces.”
Author Unknown

What do I think God is asking for when He invites me to give Him my broken and contrite heart?

“How else but through a broken heart may Lord Christ enter in.”
Oscar Wilde


Faith lies in a broken heart. ‘He cried out with tears, Lord, I believe.’ True faith is always in a heart bruised for sin. Saving faith always grows in a heart humbled for sin, in a weeping eye and a tearful conscience.”
Thomas Watson

Over the past year, there have been many surprises that I have encountered in my personal walk with God. Some events have required a great deal of faith on my part as I’ve continued to place one foot in front of the other. I know the same has been true for many of you. I’ll add that we shouldn’t be too surprised for God never promised any of us a path free from all care – however, He does promise His care will surround us every step of our journey. He also promises He will never “forsake” or “leave” us. Most blest of all, He promises that we won’t be given more than we can bear. How thankful I am to remember this fact!

All through this past year, one of the greatest gifts God sent me was friends like you in the Garden. It seems impossible to believe but it was nearly a year ago when God sent Myrt Grimm to the Garden. Myrt lives with her husband in Finland. She has been a missionary all over the world and today, she is still a spiritual leader, who preaches and teaches. How thankful I am for the heaven sent gift of Myrt’s life. I call her my angel for she has this heavenly gift of knowing when I need prayer or even the encouragement of a specific text in the Bible. Her friendship has become so unique that at some point I’ll share with you how God has worked in our lives for the improvement of the Garden ministry.

Two days ago, I had been on the road all day and was completely worn out. I hadn’t slept well for three days. This was when I went to the emails from the Garden and there was a note from Myrt. Here’s what she said, “Are you OK? I just felt all day that you needed me to lift you up in prayer.” Now Myrt sent this not knowing how overwhelmed I felt – but from half way around the world, she sensed her Father’s touch asking her to pray for another one of His kids who was having a tough day of it.

I share this because when Myrt shares a spiritual insight with me, I know the heart it comes from and after yesterday’s devotional, Myrt sent me a number of texts dealing with “sacrifice” which we will study more tomorrow.

However, Myrt also made mention of the life of Jesus and how He lived a life of sacrifice and who His life was meant to bless, and this got me reflecting on the lives of some of the individuals whom Jesus touched. The quote above from Thomas Watson, refers to the story found in Mark 9: 17-24, K.J.V., about a father who brought his ill son to Jesus. Here’s how the father described the situation to Jesus: “And one of the multitude answered and said, ‘Master, I have brought unto Thee my son, which hath a dumb spirit’” (Mark 9: 17, K.J.V.). As the conversation continued, we find that this condition had existed in the child for many years. The desperate father described for Jesus, in minute detail, all the problems the child had suffered. Then he asked Jesus to please, “have compassion (or as the Greek notes, to have His deepest insides moved with sympathy and pity) on him and his little child.

We are told that Jesus said, “Only believe,” and then the Bible tells us that with tears, the father cried out, “Lord, I believe: help Thou mine unbelief.”

You may be wondering how this story in Mark relates to our study text for today, found in Psalm 51: 17, where David tells God that he correctly understands what it is that God wants us to bring Him most – and it is a broken and contrite heart. This I might add, is exactly where Psalm 51 and Mark’s story of the desperate father intersect. This father’s heart was broken, as the Hebrew defines this word: “hurt, crushed, torn, burst.” In traditional language, we might say that the father was broken-hearted as he looked at his precious, tortured child. So he decided he would go to any length to find healing for his child. Sounds a lot like David when he recognized how desperate his sinful heart was and how great was his need for healing. But there’s also another word used in Psalm 51: 17 to describe what God longed for, and it is the word “contrite,” which means: “crushed, collapsed.” Webster’s dictionary uses the word “penitent” when defining “contrite.” A penitent is someone who feels remorse for their sins but it is also one coming with a request – a petitioner. This is where both David and the sick boy’s father came with broken and contrite hearts, asking God to do something for them which they could not even attempt, successfully to do for themselves. In both cases, these two individuals, with crushed hearts, were granted their plea.

The poet and theologian from Korea, Sun Ai Lee Park, beautifully pens these words which give a glorious promise to all who suffer with broken and contrite hearts and bring them to their heavenly Healer:

“All the broken hearts shall rejoice;
all those who are heavy laden,
whose eyes are tired
and do not see,
shall be lifted up to meet
with the Healer.”


          New Beginnings

“Lord, take my life,
my small life,
and illume it:
that everything I say and do
may reflect the light of your glory.

Lord, take my life,
my small life,
and imprint it:
that everything I say and do
may reveal the image of your love.

Lord, take my life,
my small life,
and inspire it:
that everything I say and do
may resonate with the power of your Spirit.

Lord, take my life,
my small life,
and indwell it:
that everything I say and do
may radiate your Life,
your glorious Life.”

Pat Bennett
“Bare Feet and Buttercups”
Page 206

Your friend,

Dorothy Valcàrcel, Author
When A Woman Meets Jesus

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