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Transformation Garden - July 13, 2009

  • 2009 Jul 13


July 13                                                                   

“But the hair of his head began to grow again after it had been shaved.” 
Judges 16: 22, Amplified Bible


“His Hair Grew Back”

“Before an individual can be saved, they must first learn that they cannot save themselves.” 
M.R. DeHaan

Has something ever happened in my life that made me feel so worthless I thought I was too bad for God to save?

Has anyone ever told me or made me feel as though I wasn’t good enough for God to rescue?

What has the life of Samson taught me about God’s ability to work in my own life?

“God just doesn’t throw a life preserver to a drowning person.  He goes to the bottom of the of the sea, and pulls a corpse from the bottom of the sea,  takes (her) up on the bank, breathes into (her) the breath of life and makes (her) alive.  That’s what the Bible says happens in your salvation.” 
R. C. Sproul 


“When all virtue like Samson’s Rastafarian locks lies strewn about us, have mercy, Lord, on those who sleep in weakness and those who have shorn us of strength.  

Like the growing stubble on Samson’s head, let us be renewed to undertake the phenomenal as matter of course when we awaken from the lap of Philistine ease.” 
Diane Karay Tripp 
20th Century

In college, to make spending money, I cut hair in my dorm room.  Over time, I became fairly well-known for my scissor skills and developed quite a clientele.  While I laid aside my hair cutting utensils long ago, a few months back, I decided to save money and again take to cutting my own hair.

To be honest, with time, my skills have grown rusty and I wasn’t pleased at all with the results. As I complained to my husband, Jim, about my plight, he laughed and rubbed his balding head as he noted, “At least you have some hair, Dorothy.  And remember, your hair will grow out.”

Hair that grows!  It isn’t only a physical gift, but as evidenced in the life of Samson, it’s our heavenly Father’s spiritual gift, too!

When we left Samson yesterday, he had comfortably fallen asleep in the lap of Delilah, the forbidden.  Bound by ties he could not release, he finally blurted out to this well-paid, woman for hire, that his strength lay in his “head.”  As he revealed to Delilah, if his head was shaven, “then my strength will go from me, and I shall become weak and be like any other man” (Judges 16: 17, Amplified Bible).    

No longer a Nazirite.  No longer filled with God’s power.  No longer fulfilling the heavenly purpose for which he was born. These were the secrets Samson shared with Delilah – a woman who had been paid 5500 shekels of silver, a huge amount of money, to do anything and everything she could to find out how Samson could be broken.

Over the last few months as we have studied the lives of the women in the Bible, beginning with Eve in the first book of the Bible, Genesis, the techniques used by Delilah to bring Samson down have been evident in the lives of Eve and Adam and nearly every other person since.  Hounded day after day by Delilah, the Bible says that Samson became, “vexed to death,” by the constant haranguing.  Finally in utter desperation, Samson unlocked the vault and laid out for Delilah the fact that if his hair was all cut off, he’d lose his strength.  And so locked in the lap of Delilah, Samson became an easy target for the Philistines who shaved his head.

In Judges 16: 19,20 (Amplified Bible) we find that after the dastardly deed was done, Delilah, “began to torment Samson and his strength went from him.  She said, ‘The Philistines are upon you, Samson!’  And he awoke out of his sleep and said, ‘I will go out as I have time after time and shake myself free.’  For Samson did not know that the Lord had departed from him.”  What a tragedy!  Samson made the choice to play games with Delilah so frequently until one day came, when he didn’t even recognize the fact that the Spirit of God was gone from his life.  He had crossed the line and he didn’t even know it.  Believing he was still strong and capable, Samson thought himself able to take on the Philistines all alone and what a disaster this assumption turned out to be.

With no power to resist the Philistines, the ropes that bound Samson were replaced by two bronze fetters that limited the once unconquerable strong man to a prison where he ground at the mill. (Judges 16: 21).

But here’s the unfathomable grace of our Father – lived out in the life of a lustful, harlot chasing, lying and cheating user of women.  Judges 16: 22 says that “the hair of Samson’s head began to grow!”  All I can say is WOW!!  What a heavenly Father you and I have. Our Father could have abandoned Samson.  That’s certainly what he deserved.  God could have let Samson stay bald and powerless.  But He didn’t. 

Each day, as Samson pushed the grinding wheel, his hair grew a little.  But that wasn’t the only thing that began to grow.  So did his trust in a Father whom he had ignored, disobeyed and rebelled against.  And God, in His loving-kindness, began to renew the mind and heart of Samson.

I love the words of the poet John Byrom who penned this beautiful poem entitled “The Divine Guest:”

“My spirit longeth for Thee 
Within my troubled breast; 
Although I be unworthy 
Of so divine a Guest.

Of so divine a Guest, 
Unworthy though I be; 
Yet has my heart no rest 
Unless it comes from Thee.

Unless it comes from Thee, 
In vain I look around; 
In all that I can see, 
No rest is to be found.

No rest is to be found, 
But in Thy blessed love; 
O, let my wish be crowned, 
And send it from above.”

As Samson pushed that wheel day after day, a longing filled his heart.  And though feeling unworthy, the desire for his heavenly Father, which started as a small spark, became a flame that lit up his entire life again.

Perhaps like Samson, you feel unworthy.  Or maybe someone has told you that you aren’t good enough. Well, it’s not true!  For what God did for Samson, He’ll do for you – and your “hair will begin to grow again!”

“Anyone can devise a plan by which good people go to heaven.  Only God can devise a plan whereby sinners, which are His enemies, can go to heaven.” 
Lewis Sperry Chafer


“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.” 
Ephesians 2: 8, New International Version


“He was a born loser, 
accident-prone too; 
never won a lottery, 
married a girl who 
couldn’t cook, broke 
his leg the day before 
the wedding 
and forgot the ring. 
He was the kind 
who ended up behind a post 
in almost any 
auditorium.  Planes 
he was booked to fly on 
were delayed 
by engine trouble 
with sickening regularity. 
His holidays at the beach 
were almost always 
ruined by rain.  All 
his apples turned out 
wormy.  His letters 
came back marked 
“Moved, left no 
Address.”  And it was 
his car that was cited for speeding 
from among a flock of others 
going 60 in a 
55 mile zone. 
So it was a real shocker 
when he found himself 
elected, chosen by Grace 
 for Salvation, felt 
the exhilaration of 
an undeserved and wholly 
unexpected Joy 
and tasted, for the 
first time, the Glory 
of being on 
the winning side.” 
Luci Shaw 
20th Century

Your friend, 
Dorothy Valcárcel, Author 
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