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Transformation Garden - June 19, 2010

  • 2010 Jun 19


"And it was told King David, ‘The Lord has blessed the house of Obededom and all that belongs to him because of the ark of God.' So David went and brought up the ark of God from the house of Obededom into the City of David with rejoicing."
II Samuel 6: 12, Amplified Bible


"A Witness For My Lord" 

"Our task is to live our personal communion with Christ with such intensity as to make it contagious."
Paul Tournier

What does it mean to me to be a witness for my Lord?

"To be like Christ is to be a Christian."
William Penn 


"O, who'll be a witness for my Lord,
Who'll be a witness for my Lord,
My soul is a witness for my Lord,
My soul is a witness for my Lord."

While II Samuel 6 begins with a story of sadness, death and fear, the gloom is quickly wiped away by the witness of Obededom, who took the Ark of the Covenant into his home.

After his disobedience, David was frightened to move the ark to Jerusalem. And so for three months, the ark lodged in Obededom's home, where heavenly blessings  began to shower down upon everyone who came in contact with this family.

But here's the beauty of this story -- the part I just love. As David witnessed the blessings upon Obededom's life, his fear departed and he was again inspired to follow God's divine leading and bring the ark to Jerusalem. But this time, instead of doing his own thing, David transported the ark God's way.

What joy filled the air as the Ark of the Covenant was taken to Jerusalem.

II Samuel 6: 12 says the ark was brought up with "rejoicing." This rejoicing was the direct result of the witness provided by Obededom. His boldness in surrounding his family with the glory of God had a profound effect, not only on David, but the entire nation.

Obededom didn't bring about this change by force or fear. He didn't use power or control. Instead, he simply allowed God's glory and blessings to so filter into his environment that the radiance of his life began to rub off on everyone he met. The message began to get around to others, "Did you hear about Obededom? Did you hear about all the blessings of God that are being poured out on him? And what about his family, they are being blessed, too!"

This was an eye-opener to everyone. Obededom's witness was not paraded in the street. He just lived a daily life that was the reflection of his heavenly Father. He didn't have to sign a petition or make a law saying he was a follower of God -- people knew without even asking.

I got to thinking about the way we sometimes, as Christians, come across to others who do not believe as we do. Perhaps, like David, they are fearful because all they have ever heard us say or the way we act, makes God look dictatorial, arbitrary and mean. If this is the way we act and talk, it is easy for others to believe that God is the same way. I dislike it when I hear people who claim to be Christians, turn around and act in an unChrist-like manner with name-calling and sometimes downright lying. When the hypocrisy of the way we live doesn't match our holier-than-thou rhetoric, it defames the name of God and all those who love Him.

I'll never forget many years ago at the company where I worked, all the employees were told that on Halloween they could dress up in costumes for the day. One of the girls came dressed as a witch and I noticed she had a name tag pinned to her outfit. I asked her what it said. Come to find out it was the name of a lady who was the client contact for one of the "Christian" organizations the company worked for. The person wearing the "witch" outfit laughingly said, "I thought my outfit was perfect for she is the nastiest person I've ever had to work with." I felt badly because one person's behavior reflected so poorly on the name, Christian.

Thankfully, in the case of Obededom, we have a wonderful example of how one person's quiet example can change the attitude in an entire nation. Fear was turned to rejoicing because Obededom and his family allowed God's glory to do the talking.

"God, stay with me, let no word cross my lips that is not Your Word, no thoughts enter my mind that are not Your thoughts, no deed ever be done or entertained by me that is not Your deed."
Malcolm Muggeridge


"O God, who madest me for Thyself, to show forth Thy goodness in me: manifest, I humbly beseech Thee, the life-giving power of Thy holy nature within me; help me to such a true and living faith in Thee." 
William Law

Your friend,
Dorothy Valcarcel, Author
When A Woman Meets Jesus

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