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Transformation Garden - June 29, 2010

  • 2010 Jun 29


"And when your days are fulfilled and you sleep with your fathers, I will set up after you your offspring who shall be born to you, and I will establish his kingdom." 
II Samuel 7: 12, Amplified Bible


"A Generational Promise"

"(She) has achieved success who has loved much, laughed often and been an inspiration to little children" 
Author Unknown

What is the legacy I am leaving to the children in my life?

Is this a legacy that reflects heaven's priorities?

Have I encouraged the children in my life to set their sights on the permanent and eternal rather than the temporary and earthly?

"(She) who helps a child helps humanity with an immediateness which no other help given to human creatures in any other stage of human life can possibly give again." 
Phillips Brooks


"Kids today learn a lot about getting to the moon, but very little about getting to heaven." 
David Jeremiah

I read recently that the traditional greeting of the Mesai tribe in Africa is consistently, "How are the children?" This got me to thinking about what is happening to children around the world, even right here in the United States where severe hunger strikes over 20% of children under five. While this figure reflects physical hunger, spiritual hunger runs rampant as well. Yet, we find throughout Scripture, that God asks us never to forget to care for children - especially orphans, both physically and spiritually.   When Jesus was on earth He always made time to bring children within the circle of His loving care - an example to each of us.

I take time here to point out the value of children because in God's promises to David there were what I call "Generational Promises." David was told his lineage would receive heavenly blessings. But remember, these blessings were given when God became and was the central priority of David's life. We shouldn't forget this fact in the future as we study the lives of David's children for they watched closely as their father misbehaved and instead of learning to avoid mistakes, David's offspring repeatedly tipped the scales in the direction of sin and waywardness.

So many of you have written to me over the past few weeks as we have looked at David's life and his family relationships, including those with the women in his life, and you have been profoundly disappointed by the lack of concern and respect David appeared to have for women. I'm disappointed, too. But as I have studied these stories, two things are very clear. First, God gave David the promise, as he does to all of us, that he would bless his life as he walked in the way of the Lord. Not only that, God promised that heavenly blessings would be poured out on David's children. This, as a result of keeping his focus on God.

The part of this story we frequently ignore is that when we decide, on our own, to do what we want, there are consequences. And David's family is a lesson book on consequences.

I'll never forget several years ago when I had to have my gallbladder removed. Afterward the doctor told me to be careful what I ate - especially food loaded with fat. Well, one day, I chose on my own, to go with Jim to a Krispy Kreme Donut Shop and I didn't eat one donut, I ate two. Within an hour I was so sorry I had done this. But I couldn't blame the doctor - he had warned me. I ended up having to face the consequence of my own choice - and sadly, so did David as his own children disobeyed God, rebelled against their father and led lives of mayhem and death.

I'm thankful for God's promises -- promises that bring a legacy of love and hope into the lives of our children as we make God our priority. And I'm thankful too, for God's warnings about the consequences which result from our own headstrong behavior.

"What it is children become, that will the community become." 
Suzanne La Follette


The Gift of My Children

"O Heavenly Father, thank you for the gift of my children. 
Thank you for being with me as we taught them. 
Thank you for being with them while they explored their big New World. 
Thank you for taking care of them when I was busy, angry, or depressed. 
Thank you for loving us so much that you gave your own Son, 
Christ Jesus, for our salvation
Thank you for giving to me the opportunity to be their parent. 
Thank you for giving to me the opportunity to enjoy their childhood 
and now their adulthood. 
And Heavenly Father, I leave them in your care now that they are 
on their own and I trust that you will be with them through 
the hard and easy times. 
I ask for them love, peace, and your grace and that you will let 
them know that you are with them. 
Mrs. Patricia D. Alwardt

Your friend, 
Dorothy Valcàrcel, Author
When A Woman Meets Jesus

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