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Word for the World - August 31

  • 2020 Aug 31

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A Hated Man
Dr. Randy White

And he called to him two of the centurions and said, “Get two hundred soldiers ready by the third hour of the night to proceed to Caesarea, with seventy horsemen and two hundred spearmen.”” (Acts 23:23,)

The Apostle Paul had been arrested in Jerusalem and had given testimony of his faith in Jesus Christ before the Jewish citizens.  Forty men had made a pact that they would not eat until Paul was dead.  These men were willing to commit murder in order to rid the earth of Paul’s doctrine.  When the commander of the guard heard this, he took it seriously.  The guard was bound by oath, at the cost of his life, to keep his prisoners safe for trial.  To carry out his duty, he gathered 200 soldiers, 70 horsemen, and 200 spearmen.  That’s 470 men to guard one preacher!  The commander of the guard knew that a mob could easily overcome them, so they left under cover of darkness for safer ground in Caesarea by the Sea.

With this scene, why do we think that if we preach sound doctrine, the world will love us?  Why do we think that good Gospel preaching and teaching will win friends and influence enemies?  Why do we think we are not going to get the treatment the Apostle Paul received.

From Jesus to today, when a man preaches the true Word of God, he is going against the society, and that society will never take the rub gently.  Nonetheless, preach the Word, in season and out of season!

In His Grace,
Dr. Randy White

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