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Word for the World - October 6

  • 2020 Oct 06

Word for the World devotionals from Dr. Randy White


“Who Ya Gonna Call?”

“But the angel of the Lord said to Elijah the Tishbite, ‘Arise, go up to meet the messengers of the king of Samaria and say to them, ‘Is it because there is no God in Israel that you are going to inquire of Baal-zebub, the god of Ekron?’’” (2 Kings 1:3)

Remember the old Ghost Busters theme song, asking, “who ya gonna call?”  All in all, it is a good question.

King Ahaziah, son of wicked King Ahab, became King upon his father’s God-ordained death.  Ahaziah was an apple that fell not far from the tree.  Having taken a fall and having a difficult time recovering, Ahaziah consulted one of the prophets of Baal about his future. 

This angered Almighty God greatly.  God’s first commandment to Israel was, “I am the Lord you God…you shall have no other gods before Me.”  God instructed Elijah to confront Ahaziah over the matter.

In today’s world of Zen, crystals, yin/yang, astrology, tarot cards, palm reading, and psychics, I wonder if God ever says “Is there no God in America, that you must turn to these things?”

As for me, I have determined that I will only find spiritual energy and information from one Source.  God the Father, as revealed in Christ the Son, and taught by the Holy Spirit through the pages of the Word of God—this is where I turn.  An old hymn says “taught by the Bible, Led by the Spirit, we’ll walk the heavenly way”.

Are their avenues of spiritual energy and information that you have opened in your life that do not lead to God through His Son, His Word, and His Spirit?  If so, close these avenues today!

In His Grace,

Dr. Randy White

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